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For the first 100 new clients, both for individuals and legal entities, we offer inspect residental and commercial buildings, telephone system and other devices with up to 50% discount.!!!
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Detective services

We offer comprehensive services in the field of detective work. Find out what services we can offer and do not hesitate to contact us even if you have specific requirements. We will be pleased to work with you.

  • Point 1

    Detective services

    We offer detective services for companies and individuals. Any communication is carried out discreetly and as quickly as possible in order to resolve your case. All our staff including management of the company are qualified and have extensive experience in the field.

  • Point 2

    Tracking people

    Tracking people is acquiring the latest hi-tech technologies. Monitoring method is given, but its implementation is dependent on many factors. We will find you with a person who associates with whom you said and also what made during the day. All subsequently processed and transmitted in the documentation complete. All this without having watched an object suspected something.

  • Point 3

    Examination of persons

    We will check people, employees and business entities. Today, it is good to know with whom you trade, employ whom and with whom we cooperate we will provide all documentation by including all.

  • Point 4

    Detection of infidelity

    As a side damage (emotional injury caused by infidelity), we offer detective services to ensure a level playing field for property settlement and eventually divorce. We provide all photo and video documentation required for any trial.

  • Point 5

    Search for bugs

    The detection of wiretaps and use the latest technology to help us work practice experience. We can also find hidden microcamera and other recording devices. Revealing wiretapping device can then determine the person who installed it and then either proceed against it under applicable law or internal business practices.

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